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Radix DLT - Betanet Emulator Live - Start Building Now!

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Radix started as a project to not only be highly scalable but to also make it easy for any developer to build decentralized applications with.

Staying true to this cause, we are releasing a series of developer tools starting with the single node emulator today; so you can start building now before the public betanet goes live.

The single-node emulator behaves like a fully functioning betanet, but on your local machine.

With it you will be able to:

-Create token types

-Mint tokens for token types, subject to permissions

-Burn tokens for token types, subject to permissions

-Transfer tokens for token types, subject to ownership

-Transfer encrypted and unencrypted messages

In addition, there is the ability in the betanet-emulator package to request XRD tokens from a "faucet" to facilitate experiments with the native token.

Follow this quick start guide to install it on your local machine:-

Then, use your choice of client library to start building your use-case:

-Java Client Library

-JavaScript Client Library

And, you can use this latest Android wallet release to connect and interact with the betanet emulator.

If you have feedback/questions about the emulator, post them on our Node Runners Forum where one of the team members will help you. If you have library-specific questions, please post them in the Technical Forum.

Lastly, join the conversation with our community on Telegram and tell us what you are building!

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