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What's something you did this week that you're proud of?

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Hey DEV Community πŸ‘‹πŸ½

Another week has come to an end. In these trying times, we're all trying our best with what we have available. We many not feel as "productive" as we otherwise would. Still, there are thingsβ€”big or smallβ€”that made us happy or made us feel accomplished.

So let's discuss and let's celebrate each other: What's something you did this week that you're proud of? I'll go first!

This week I published a new post on my personal blog and I added significantly to my upcoming book's word count. I hadn't written much in three weeks so it was a welcome change.

Share your wins (no matter how small they may seem to you) with us!

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Released an article on something we've been working on since last year: an internal infrastructure for ensuring code standards:

Congrats on your newfound inspiration!πŸ‘


This is awesome; no better time than now, right? Congrats on the post!


I released my fourth blog post and it is about "sql advanced areas". This is the fourth blog post this month. I started working on a daily journal as a part of trying to sharpen my writing skills. I started working on a chat app in a php socket related library :)


I wrote the last piece of a (not planned) series of posts. I really like it. The post is an introduction to function composition patterns used in functional programming, all of them explained using javascript. Here is the link.

Since the series wasn't planned I also wrote a piece trying to explain the order, a table content of some sort. You can find it here


Writing an entire blog post series is no small feat. Excellent work! :)



I managed to write a nodejs script to convert the WhatsApp chat export into json as the start of a personal project. Taken me a good couple of weeks!


I've made a lot of progress on a JAMstack commenting system using Netlify Forms and Functions that I'm quite excited about!

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