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Kill Your Web Dev Portfolio ☠️

Devon Campbell
I help people leave their 💩 jobs to become web developers.
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In this video, I share why I don’t have a web development portfolio and how I’m able to get gigs despite that. We’re hard wired to want to build things, and the desire to spend hours and hours crafting a portfolio plays right into that. Resist the urge, and take the advice in this video instead.

This is primarily from the perspective of a freelance web developer, but there’s some truth here if you’re looking for a full-time gig as well. Sure, the company is probably going to want to see a portfolio, but it’s not nearly as important as other means of building trust.

If you are looking for full-time work and having trouble breaking into the industry, try freelancing first! You’ve probably noticed that even junior gigs require a couple of years of experience. How can you get that if you can’t get hired? Freelancing is the way to get experience before you get hired. Head over to this post on Rad Devon to get started with my three best freelancing tips!

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mustafaaljassim profile image

I am thinking of a portfolio as a way to show your real live projects that you have made plus the list of skills you have, as simple as it can be, it just like your online resume!