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Rach Smith
Rach Smith

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Hi, I'm Rach Smith

I have been coding for 6 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @rachsmithtweets

I live in Sunshine Coast, Australia.

I work as an Engineer for CodePen

I mostly program in these languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby (Rails), Node.js.

I am currently learning more about React, Rails & AWS.

I heard Jess Lee's interview on the Friends Talk Frontend podcast and thought the community sounded interesting. Nice to meet you all.

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Ben Halpern

Welcome Rachel. I've seen many of your awesome pens. @jess , great recruiting work πŸ˜„

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Jess Lee

Wow! Welcome to, @rachsmithtweets :)

Major thanks to @juantalon for having me on Friends Talk Frontend!

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Jesse M. Holmes

Welcome! I love your work!