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Is Kotlin Better Than React Native?

Developers use React Native and Kotlin to build robust mobile apps, but if you are confused about which one will be right for your cross-platform development project, you need to read this guide.

React Native:

This framework was first made available on March 26, 2015. React Native was developed by the developer community, i.e., Facebook, to allow for the writing of authentic, native mobile apps for Android and iOS and code reuse in mobile and online apps. It creates user interfaces that are specially made for mobile devices. With the aid of their all-time favorite, JavaScript, React Native assists developers in creating genuinely native mobile apps.


This programming language which runs on JVM is Developed, designed, and sponsored by JetBrains. It began steadily gaining popularity after Google designated Kotlin as the official language of the Android studio. The goal of Kotlin is to create the top IDE tools.

This programming language also supports different development environments, such as Android Studio. When you use Kotlin to create your business app, you may assist your developer in gaining support for the many IDEs and building tools needed to develop your Android project.

Comparison of React Native vs Kotlin's parameters

According to the data, React Native is among the top cross-platform development tools, and for a good reason. However, the recent release of the Kotlin multi-platform is giving the former fierce competition.

Kotlin fully enables cross-platform programming for iOS and Android and is equipped with various contemporary features. This takes us to the feature comparison between Kotlin and React Native. The parameters listed below briefly describe the differences between the two development tools in various respects.


Performance is the first factor in comparing React Native vs Kotlin. Speaking of which, React Native gives developers a native-like experience. Apps are created for developers using native and javascript modules. On all platforms, it provides a native feel and look and is quick and scalable.

Kotlin enables developers to easily construct platform specific codebases and share business logic written in the language. Although Kotlin-built apps are unquestionably quick, they cannot outperform those made by its rival.

Community Support

The community support of React Native is as there are plenty of tutorials, online courses, and blog posts available for people whereas kotlin has a very limited community

Technology Stack

React Native relies solely on JavaScript for its development because it is a JavaScript framework. The JSX syntax, a JavaScript technology that delivers all the advantages of the JavaScript language, is also used to render the user interface. This implies that you need to know JavaScript to use React Native.

Kotlin, on the other hand, is a platform-native programming language for mobile applications. This suggests that you will be able to create native code for your Android application that directly communicates with the hardware of native devices and has complete access to it as it is being developed. From this perspective, Kotlin and React Native restrict your ability to decide which development tools you want to use.

Development Time & Cost

React Native is a perfect choice, given your budget constraints. While building apps for multiple platforms, you should not prefer overshooting the budget or timescales. Hence, React Native is ideal for developing MVPs and prototyping.

Similar to React Native, Kotlin helps developers to build faster and smoother apps with limited resources. Kotlin is a perfect choice if you have a time constraint. kotlin has less app development time because the deployment and writing of working code take fewer lines.

Environment for Development

In most cases, a platform with fewer hoops and jumps will prevail. With any text editor or IDE, developers may move further with React Native programming. This implies that you can still request that your developer use a particular text editor. Additionally, installing React Native using the NPM package manager is a quick and easy process that won't take more than three hours.

In contrast, Kotlin provides the freedom to use IntelliJ IDEA to build on various text editors and IDEs. Kotlin's setup and installation procedures take little time.


It can't be simple to resolve the contentious React Native vs Kotlin dispute. Once your needs are precise, the tech stack for your mobile app development may be finalized. You might even end up being able to use Kotlin and React Native together in your application. If so, engage a full stack developer from us because we can perfectly meet your needs and assist you in achieving your business goals.

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