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Discussion on: How do you approach knowledge gaps?

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Rachel Soderberg

Hey, thanks for the reply! I try to stick to a timebox of an hour or two as well, depending on how complicated the issue is. If it's feeling like I'm really close I'll give it another 10-15mins and then take my findings to the manager or more senior developer and tell them what I've got and ask if they have any input on how to get to the next step. I'm the same as you, I'll go on all day if I feel like I'm close and "just need a few more minutes" so I really try to be disciplined about it.

Pomodoros are actually a great way to timeblock and not let yourself carry on all day - give yourself until the end of your current/next pomodoro period to solve it, and if you cant, it's time to recruit help.

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Maniflames Author

This is definitely one I'll have to practice but it will be worth it. Thanks for the advice 😁.