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Baby Animals Are Cute

Rachel Soderberg
I'm a Software Developer who loves working with C#.NET and Salesforce. In my free time I lift weights, do martial arts, and play video games.
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Hello everyone!

I took a couple of days off work to celebrate another year safely around the sun with a nice, long weekend. I'm also taking the opportunity to take a week off content production as well, so instead, I'm putting out a call to the readers:

Show me a picture of your favorite animal, as a baby! It could be your own pet, or a giraffe, or whatever. Looking for a pile of cuteness and there's no wrong answer!

Thanks all and I look forward to being back next week!

Here's Apollo, my now four year old bearded dragon buddy
Baby Apollo

Discussion (4)

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Rachel Soderberg Author

It's ... so soft!!!!

pavlosisaris profile image
Paul Isaris

Definitely a baby elephant!


rachelsoderberg profile image
Rachel Soderberg Author

Omigosh <3 And playing with birds too!

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