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How to use Bitly to shorten URL with Laravel

Today's post we will see how to use Bitly to shorten URL with Laravel without any external package in easy way.


• A Laravel project.
• An Account on Bitly.

Step 1: Get token from Bitly

After login in Bitly go to this page and enter your password then click Generate token

Generate token in Bitly

Step 2: Create Service for Bitly

Now go to your Laravel project and in app directory create a folder called Services and inside it create a file called Bitly.php will contains this:


namespace App\Services;

use Throwable;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Http;

class Bitly
    public static function convert($link)
        try {
            $response =  Http::accept('application/json')
                    "domain" => "",
                    "long_url" => $link,

            $body = $response->json();

            return $body['link'];
        } catch (Throwable $e) {
            return 'invalid url';
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In withToken put your token that you get from Bitly

  • In this class I used Http which is guzzlehttp/guzzle package that comes with Laravel by default.

  • $body have several information you can use it, just dd($body) and see if they help you.

  • I used try|catch for the purpose of anyone entering an invalid URL.

For sure you can create config file for the token and put it in .env file.

Step 3: Use Bitly service

Now go to your controller and use Bitly class, something like this:

use App\Services\Bitly;

class BitlyController extends Controller
    public function __invoke()
        $link = Bitly::convert('');

        return $link;
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The $link will return the Bitly short url use it as you want.

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