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Year In Review 2019

Howdy, everyone, it has been a while since I last wrote an article to share my experiences with this wonderful community.
This year marked a remarkable memory in my life and I am so much excited to have made it through to this day.

As the title of this article implies I am going to be asking this awesome community a few questions but mainly I will like for us to follow this format below and answer each question accordingly.

  1. What was your resolution for this year 2019?
  2. Did you reach or exceed your goals
  3. What are those things you were able to complete?
  4. What are those things you weren't able to complete?
  5. Did you actually follow all of these goals you've written down from the start of the year 2019?
  6. What lesson did you learn from this year?
  7. How can you prepare for the next year 2020?
  8. What held you back from no achieving all of your goals?
  9. Do you think you can do better next year?
  10. I know is a bit soon but can you briefly explain your resolution for the year 2020?

Well, these questions above are all important and I've used them to plan for the next year 2020.
I hope you guys will share your answers below and who knows if this might inspire others to plan well and learned from someone's mistakes and that person might just be you.
Merry Xmass in advance devs.

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