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My new npm package RademeJs

Howdy world, today I am excited to recommend you to this wonderful npm package called rademe-js.

I created this package to help professional developers and beginners as well to stop repetitive tasks and use each features of the language wisely.


Many at times you will want to loop through an array or an object, it may also be a way to check the type of each data types or maybe to create a html element or some cool helper methods that you keep on repeating yourselves.

These things have happened to me at my job and I decided that why not make each helper methods into a reusable code or function that I can use in whatever project I am doing and this started to get great and I enjoyed those moments.

Now I have decided to make these simple helper methods available to every one and am open to contributions.

There are some cool helper methods you find in this package that you will add to your project for fast development.

I will love to hear what you think about this project and what new features should be added or if you find a bug my DM is always open or contact me through my mail

Happy Coding,
Have an awesome day

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