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#100DaysofTeachMeAnything challenge

Howdy world, it gives me joy today announcing to everyone reading right now the #100DaysOfTeachMeAnything.
I have searched and haven't see such like this or any challenge like this so I decided to make one, it has been the way in which I learned many new things or how to code and today I want you to do the same.

Who can participate in this challenge?

Anyone and everyone ranging from techies, professionals, diplomats or anybody who wants to learn something new and have confidence doing it.

Well the methodologies use here are very different from many challenges or somewhat similar.
First reason of the #100DaysOfTeachMeAnything challenge is to give anybody or everybody who finds it difficult to learn a certain thing in a certain amount of time but failed a chance to do better.
Don't worry stay with me as we sort this out.
I have heard from many professionals in my field that the best way to learn something is to either teach it or blog about the part you aren't understanding and by doing it have helped me overcame many common mistakes I made in my learning endeavors.
Many learners take it lightly and spend hours watching or reading tutorials just to realized it didn't stalk in.
It can be very frustrating but hey! who told you that it isn't possible?Join the challenge today and be a part of something meaningful by teaching what you don't understand to another person who wants to learn it desperately. I am done with the talking let get into how this us possible.

How this is possible?

This is possible because you're willing to commit your time and efforts in teaching something to someone and at the same time learning what you're teaching.
All you need to do is firstly, tweet about it by copying the below paragraph or statement.

 I [your name], do hereby commit to the #100DaysOfTeachMeAnything challenge to teach [course name] through blogs and articles until the 100 days elapse as a way to build up my skills in the said course or field.
@CarlosNah8 #100DaysOfTeachMeAnything
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After you're done with the tweet you can use the below resources to start your journey.

Note: For now I will give resources base on my field and if you have a good resources base on another field please leave it in the comments below.

Web development
Quincy Larson and his team of contributors have compile together many resources ranging from frontend backend and fullstack web development. I urge you to follow the link below and try them out if what you want to learn is web development.
There are also many good sites that teaches many web development courses like,

After you have chosen the course you want to learn, each day write a blog post or an article summary of the topic you have learned and the best practices that follows.
I will encourage you to use to post your daily work and tweet about it on twitter with the hash tag.
I will retweet and follow you guys, this is just one of my many posts and you should expect more guidelines and updates.

Lastly, I have tried to put almost everything in place but life has a way of dealing with us and my one will not be sufficient to make this challenge a success, I am now using this medium to ask for contributors and professionals to please help me either by sharing the word using the hash tag or producing more guidelines, contents or much more.
Any interested individual can kindly reach me through twitter or

Thanks for reading through and you can leave your suggestions in the comment below.

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