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Matvey Romanov
Matvey Romanov

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Weekly Fronted Digest (15 February - 21 February)

What`s cooking, good-looking?
Check out my own digest in English (originally in Russian). Here are the articles that I paid more attention to than the others.

Give me some feedback plz. It`s my first try to make a digest. Check the full version in Russian on my Github:

We`re about to start

6 best fonts for programming:

10 trending projects for web devs:

A complete guide to CSS-property Transition:

15 Helpful JavaScript One-Liners:

Add a selection of interesting projects with Codepen?

Follow me on Github and Twitter<3

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Maybe you could add a little review for each article. Two / three lines for each article should be good. But thanks for the sharing ♡

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