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Improved Gamification: Two New Criteria Conditions

Travis Elkins
Ever improving full-stack developer. Currently working at @r4nkt...and spending some time on a few other projects, too.
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We just published a couple of simple blog posts for r4nkt describing two new criteria conditions. Check them out:

If you're wondering what criteria conditions are, they are a simple way that r4nkt allows you to define the criteria that must be met in order for achievements to be earned in your game or app.

R4nkt has over a dozen individual criteria conditions that you can use. We will continue to add to the list.

Combining and nesting criteria conditions and rules gives you a great deal of possibilities when it comes to defining your achievements. It's just one of the things that sets r4nkt apart. 😎

We also have plans to introduce the ability to use your own custom data in rules and conditions, which will dramatically expand the kinds of criteria you can define for your achievements. 🤯

Follow us here or on twitter or sign up for early access. Let us know what you think...! 🤓

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