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The great developer

First of all, sorry for the title if it was a clickbait for you!

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, I asked myself - why am I developing "this" (!?)? The current task and the whole project I was working on seemed strange to me. I felt like a spectator and I could see myself from the outside. I think I was tired, but the meaning of this deep question remained in my mind.

Why do we develop things? What is the ...

  • passion
  • curiosity
  • will
  • obsession
  • devotion
  • understanding
  • feeling ... behind it?

For me, there has always been a reason to make things in my environment and share them with others. I think that was always the first step, which is why I moved towards IT, to make it efficient how to share information. Therefore, based on the feedback I got from the outside world for a problem, I or a team next to me would tackle the problem and develop a solution for it.

Personally, I really liked the way we were able to "interpret" a physical problem in the real world into an IT-based problem that was "much easier" to deal with. Because from my point of view - at the end of the day - what we are looking for is just another piece of information of a ...

  • solution
  • know-how
  • data
  • fix
  • result

Not to mention that it is a journey at all. As you develop not only the product or service, but also yourself. Seeing things differently after each project and being more and more advanced how to convert real world problems into a development environment where you will be at home and have more power to break it down the issue.

Anyway, are we developers keeping in mind the importance of our ability to code things down (?) or are we just focusing on deadlines? There should be a great answer to that.

This post is a bit out of context, according to my series. But I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.

What is your goal or purpose to develop something?

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