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Велимир Майсторов
Велимир Майсторов

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Anyone who code in Tcl/Tk

Any one who still coding in Tcl/Tk?
Are this language is dead?
I`m coding TCL since 1999. what about you?

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E.R. Nurwijayadi

This exotic language require more exposure.

I know I'm waking up an old thread. To help more beginner, I have made a working example of coroutine with source code in github.


First the data structure:

TCL: Songs Record

Then the sender and receiver function.

Sender and Receiver

Sender and Receiver

And finally combine both using coroutine in program entry point.


I hope this could help other who seeks for other case example.


Thank you for asking.

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I love it. Best language.. I use it for utilities and scripts. My day job is Classic ASP, C#, PHP. I have written an editor which I use for everything, and a Fossil front end.