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Quyum Kehinde
Quyum Kehinde

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How I Got Into Programming And Web Development

Hello, everyone.

My name is Quyum Kehinde, and yeah, this is my first article here on my blog, so I'm super excited!

I thought since it was the first, I should just make it an introduction of who I am, what I do, and how I got into it.

In case you wish to know more about me, then you can just visit my about page.

So, without further ado, let's jump right in!

Phase 1: How I knew what "programming" is.

During my 3rd year in high school, I had a friend who goes by the name, Israel (we're still friends actually).

We were about to complete the session and since we (3rd year students) were meant to have a break about a few weeks before everyone else + the long summer holiday, most of the students decided to use that period to go learn a skill.

I personally had nothing I could think of than to just stay home, go for football training in the evening, then come back home again.

Israel had this idea and he was like; "Quyum, instead of staying home everyday doing nothing, what if we go learn programming?".

At this point, I was confused… Even though I've already heard the word "programming" before then, I didn't really know what it entails.

It was then that Israel properly explained to me and I as well, made researches on my own.

We then both decided to learn just that during the long holiday we were about to go on.

Phase 2: How I Began Learning

Fast forward to a month later, below is a picture of me sitting in the shop where I've decided to learn programming.

my programming journey

So unfortunate for me, I had only joined the cancus of apprentice, who are used as employees in a little cyber cafe 🤧.

What we basically do was type, and type, and type, till we had no work to do anymore.

We didn't even have VS Studio installed on any the systems, and I couldn't even think of learning online because I had no laptop then (still don't, 😄… My system recently got spoilt).

Fast forward to about a months later, here comes an introvert who also happens to be the most talented developer I've ever met in my life, Ayoade. I call him Brother Ade.

Brother Ade got hired by the owner of the place where I was learning, to teach us programming. I was like finally! 😂

He took three of us and actually started teaching us right from HTML. I wasn't allowed in for the first few classes because I hadn't completed my payment.

I'd always stay by the doorside and try to take a peak at what the guys were doing. Poor me… I was thinking to myself (Man, you're so useless. Now Israel will be far better than you in programming).

I'm pretty sure a lot of people can relate to that.

About two weeks later, I was finally allowed into the class, and was just so anxious to learn.

In a day, I was able to cover up with all that were taught to others in 2 weeks… He only took his time to explain the codes that were already written.

Gbam! Me knowing in my head that I didn't understand almost all that he said, I started wondering if there were any ways to catch up.

That was what brought about my crosspathing with Udemy. There, I enrolled for the Ultimate Web Development Course by teacher Kalob Taulien.

The course was actually free then (but I think it's paid now).

Just a few lessons in, and I was able to really understand all that Bro Ade taught me.

It was a very great moment and I just couldn't wait to test my code.

When I got to work the next day, I tested my code, and guess what? I was able to print "Hello World" in different sizes on the screen 😆

Yay! What an achievement... I also started feeling nerdy and started having the ego of being a developer already, lol.

We kept on from there and actually started learning other things and me, I'd get home in the evening and start relearning all that I've learnt on Udemy.

Phase 3: The Exit Of Brother Ade

So, a few months later, Brother Ade stopped working for Baba (as we regard the owner of the computer center).

He quit the job due to the fact that he had to go back to school (he's in college).

At this point, I already knew what to do… I knew my best bet was to just leave the place and keep on to my udemy classes.

I was already learning PHP when I left.

Now back home, I was wondering if there's any other place I could go because I really felt I needed a physical tutor.

This was how I heard in Proxy Global System, after listening to their advert on the radio.

I immediately informed my mom how I'd love to go and continue my Programming education there.

And she, based on the fact that she really understands me and has always been so supportive, took me to their office, which was reasonably far from my home.

Phase 4: WordPress!??

My mom negotiated the training fee with the agency owner, who we commonly regard as Engineer Proxy.

As the negotiation and discussion was ongoing, I was just so busy inspecting around the large beautiful office.

Finally, they were able to agree at something and then, I and mom were on our way home.

I was so angry with her and kept showing up this sad face to why she didn't pay the money immediately. What less could you expect, the anxious kiddo programmer 🙈.

The next Monday, mom gave me the money for the tutoring (yeah, I know I owe her a lot), and I actually paid and got enrolled!

I got into the learning room and started observing everyone.

To my surprise, none of the students there had VS Code installed, I was wondering what was happening. The only thing that came to my head was WORDPRESS!

Man! You don't understand the pain when you pay hugely to learn web development, only to be taught WordPress.

I said to myself, "What do you want to do now? Ask for a refund? Tell your mom about it?".

I knew I had no option, so I just had to scale through.

Fast forward to December something, I can't remember the precise date, I graduated from Proxy Global System, as a certified website designer and developer. 😆

Rounding up

And at that point, I was already becoming so good at PHP and Bro Ade was back, but not to Baba's office, lol.

He now have his own software development company ( I'd go to his office, and with the little I've learnt, I'd work on projects with him, and he'd also teach me a lot.

I already got a laptop before graduating from Proxy Global System.

So, I guess this is becoming so long, so I'll just have to stop here.

Actually, truths be told, I've made the most money right now doing WordPress related gigs, and I never regret making the move to Proxy Global System.

If you've read all the way down here, then I really want to thank you very much for that.

I really hope you enjoyed the article, and yeah, you can join my email newsletter so as to get notified whenever I drop a new article. Trust me, no more boring story telling, lol.

Also, you can drop your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. I'll be replying to each of them, as soon as I receive them.

See you.. some other time!

PS: I know it's a bit of poor outro, but trust me, I'll improve over time 😆🙈

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