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Will JetBrains Fleet Replace VS Code?

JetBrains Fleet IDE is a new multi-language programming editor. JetBrains attempts to remake the IDE from scratch. The Fleet differs from JetBrains's work in transforming the UI and UX of its already available IDEs.
But you are here to hear one answer: Will JetBrains replace VC Code? Well, it's difficult to answer this question in this JetBrains Fleet 2022 trend directly. Keep reading; you will get the answer. 😊

The VSCode editor we saw was massively used because it is lightweight, easy to use, and allows us to customize many things. Also, its plugins are the central part of the ecosystem, and nearly all devs are attached to it. Also, typescript developers love it because of its native support.

Competitors of VSCode

VSCode had few competitors, and others tried to steal the throne, especially from the web development side. VSCode acquired two big competitors, IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm. Still, there were bad sides to them, like below:

  • Licensed, not free
  • Long boot-up times
  • High memory and storage usage
  • The ecosystem of the plugin is small
  • UI is not that good
  • Hard to learn for beginners
  • Unable to run on browsers
  • Needed constant indexing

JetBrains is putting itself ahead in the game by launching a new IDE, the JetBrains Fleet 2022.

The JetBrains Fleet IDE

JetBrains Fleet
The fleet IDE is rewritten from scratch and has not added any legacy UI elements. They have put 20 years of experience into it. In short, they made it stand out in their code-processing engine. Their code processing engine is shining right for code refracturing. This is one reason to use IntelliJ Idea over VSCode.
Below I have put the screen you can see.
Jetbrains Fleet
As you can see in the pic, they have removed the UI elements and opted for minimalism like VSCode. This will be a smoother transition experience for developers. Also, it will help beginners use this tool easily.

Language Support: JetBrains Fleet 2022

JetBrains Fleet IDE supports the following languages:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Go
  • Rust
  • Kotlin
  • Typescript
  • JSON
  • PHP (Coming Soon)
  • C++ (Coming Soon)

JetBrains Performance Modes

JetBrains Performance Modes
In competition with VSCode, JetBrains added two modes in their editor:

  • Editor-light: In this mode, the editor will launch quickly, and the user can sneak a quick peek at a file. In this mode, users will be getting basic syntax capabilities.
  • IDE-smart: In this mode, the performance will be sacrificed, but the editor will be more capable of doing things like IntelliJ goodies: Code completion, navigation to usages and definitions, code checks, and fixies.

Remote Working: VSCode Vs. JetBrains Fleet

As a developer, you know that VSCode supports these features, like the Remote-SSH extension, Live Sharing, and executing via the web browser.
On the other hand, Fleet now natively supports remote machines where code is located, and users can access it. Also, users will have access to remote code instances and experience seamless smoothness.
Here, JetBrains Fleet Github codespaces are the future for workflows. For security reasons, we should not hold the code locally; putting the code on the cloud is good. Also, it will be better for faster deployment and development setup and more focus on code quality.


Still, a local machine is required for much computation because the editor is still executing on the machine.
Well, the JetBrains team is getting ahead in terms. Your machine can't keep up with it. Users can run some IDE backend processes elsewhere. It is also operable on the cloud and may run in an instance within a docker container.
So, it means you can run it on any low-end system too. You will not have to rely on high-performance machines to execute the code. In short, our system will be just for clients.
So, here at JetBrains, JetBrains is winning as it provides the web development needs.


Like VSCode, Fleet generates an invite link to share so others can join the live coding sessions remotely. It's the same as the VSCode live coding exercise. The Fleet can be used for debugging, code reviews, programming sessions, and more.

Final Decision: Will JetBrains Fleet Replace VS Code?

JetBrains Fleet IDE seems exciting, but will this tool need a license or a premium account? No one knows. It's to be revealed very soon.
Also, JetBrains is not open source, so it feels like you're locking yourself into a vendor. On the other hand, VSCode is open source and gets high-quality plugins for Microsoft-related plugins. It supports third-party extensions too. On the other hand, the JetBrains Fleet will fall behind.

The final decision is in your hand. It's all up to you to pick your tool. It's all up to be determined exactly what will replace VSCode. But you, and it's worth it.
But if you don't want any craps and want to build an app, reach out to a web development company to handle a to z tasks.

Thanks for reading.

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marblewraith profile image
Matthew Rath

Waaaay too early to tell. But IMO this has nothing to do with editor features. We already know Jetbrains is good at editors.

This will be about dev trends. MS owns Typescript, they already have the advantage in terms of nightly version support.

Will TS stay the dominant language? For web browser stuff i can certainly see that. For server stuff? It's a be more cloudy, because that assumes TS/JS runtimes wills stay in favor, but we know that it's much easier to write performant Go code that scales.

dhruvjoshi9 profile image
Dhruv Joshi

I totally agree as its very early to tell and cloudy for server stuff! You told it right that TS is the future for scalable code.