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Practical React Native Libraries You Should Use in Your Next Project

Every business has understood the need for an application. They know the secret to reaching their customer's hearts. Every hand has a smartphone, and they can access anything by just navigating their fingers on the mobile screen. Business needs are evolving as technologies, frameworks, and platforms.

Nowadays, one concept that sticks and fascinates the mobile market space is cross-platform development. Thus, users can utilize the react-native library to launch the apps for all the available platforms.

Flutter, React Native, and other similar frameworks offer many opportunities that make the mobile app development process smooth and seamless. With these frameworks, you can align the project needs before the deadline. Touch all the realistic aspects within the budget.

Top 10 react-native libraries for your next app project

Here, this blog will discuss the React-Native Library Components.

React native libraries offer code reusability features to eliminate the need to write custom codes. With them, you can excel in your react native mobile app development project by punching the flavor of efficiency. GitHub and official react native contributors find it one of the best inventories. You can pick the modules and libraries to deliver intuitive and impressive UIs.

Hire React Native developer to streamline the next project utilizing these libraries/ components.


Get exceptional support for Material Design with this react-native-paper library. It is undoubtedly an amazing standalone component to serve all the major specifications. The UI kit is enriched with a wonderful component that fits the production requirements.

npm i react-native-paper
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React Native Gifted Chat

We have a react-native library to make the chat app development process trouble-free. With that, you can accomplish numerous tasks that include:

  • Get message on the clipboard,
  • Attachment/ Composer actions,
  • Full-fledge components personalization
  • Easy loading/ rendering

GitHub contributors have loved this, too, and consider it one of the best react native libraries.

npm i react-native-gifted-chat
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React Navigation

Have a look at the simple, gently explained react-navigation library documentation. By understanding its implementation, you will achieve excellent native platform navigation. As we all know, each screen serves different purposes, from the product display in the gallery to shipping. With a proper navigator, we can interact and accomplish the goals of the funnel. You can build simple or advanced-level react native mobile app architecture and pick the desirable stack/ tab/ drawer navigators.

npm i @react-navigation/native
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React Native Gesture Handler

Evolution is spinning at its pace, and we have access to touch-based gadgets and devices. UI library thread has taken the place of the JS responder, making gestures and interactions more intuitive. Everything is driven by consistency and responsiveness. React native gesture handler library is the exclusive inclusion in the development projects.

npm i react-native-gesture-handler
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React Native Tab View

Whether you are developing an app for Android or iOS, you can launch top-notch animations, gestures, top-bottom tab bar accessibility, and scrollable tabs. Beyond that, more things are available on the palette, which you can disclose during development. Subsequently, you can practice with the react-native-pager-view library too. With that, you can manage things for macOS and Windows environments.

npm i react-native-tab-view
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React Native Maps

Get access to the map customization on your next scheduled iOS and Android development. You can control the map appearance and achieve view region customization by importing this amazing library. Mapbox/ supercluster library is also available to eliminate the cluttering issues of icons, pins, and other similar elements. Furthermore, you can manage the markers customization and overlay some elements.

npm i react-google-maps
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Lottie React Native

The GitHub community has showered 15k starts so that you can understand the popularity and significance of this react native component and why it's here on our list. If you are on the path of react native mobile app development project, don't forget to add this. With this, you can ignore the tension of rich-quality animation. Further, it will help you to manage parsing/ rendering Adobe After Effects. It's a complete package with which you can get desirable outputs.

It is available with an Apache 2.0 license and a suite of plugins/ libraries of animations.

npm i lottie-react
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React Native Image Picker

We use different app offers to pick and send image attachments from the gallery. Did you ever have thought about how it's happening? Want to drive this accessibility on your next project? It is the exclusive secret element making things straightforwardly and effectively. The Image Picker component module picks up the photo/ video for the system UI. It extends further accessibility as title, camera type, tint, custom buttons, take the photo, cancel button title, and others.

npm i react-native-image-picker
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React native Snap Carousel

Launch the snap carousel effect on your Android or iOS app with this React native Snap carousel. Follow the documented trips and gotchas to make your UI development process rapid and without doubts. It will give you a preview functionality on managing the different things, from navigation and device rotation to the advanced features. However, with this, you can accomplish performant handling, parallax images, preview launch, and multiple layouts.

npm i react-native-snap-carousel
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React Native SVG

Go one level up and achieve SVG rendering for iOS and Android platforms. It enveloped an additional compatibility layer to access the image source directly. With this exclusive React-Native-SVG component library, developers can add this wow feature to react mobile app.

npm i react-native-svg
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React Native Modal

Keep everything simple yet stylish with this amazing react-native library. It will revamp the content presented with a blend of animation and appearance customization and extend the enclosing view. You can access super flexible, intuitive, highly modified backdrop opacity, enter/ exit animations, color & timing.

npm i react-native-modal
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At the End

Of course, every business wants owners who want an impressive app, and if developers practice and integrate these libraries into the react mobile app. It would attract a more extensive base of customers. The react-native library has taken a toll on the developer's heads and made their job less stressful.

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