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Quirrel Newsletter #2 - v0.10 🎉

skn0tt profile image Simon Knott ・2 min read

Hi there!

Two weeks ago, I published you the first issue of this Newsletter.
Today, let me tell you about the new features in v0.9 and v0.10, which was released a couple of minutes ago.

But before we do that: Let me invite you to our new Quirrel community over on Spectrum!
It's still a little quiet over there, so come by and chat with us:

Alright, on to the new features.

Quirrel now has human-friendly CLI output, which makes it even more fun to use:


Also, the Quirrel UI now shows all running CRON jobs.

On the API side, there are two new options for jobs:

Marking a job as exclusive guarantees it to be executed on its own, with no other jobs from the same queue running at the same time.
This can be useful any time you want to prevent race conditions from happening, e.g. when implementing an order queue.

When creating a job, you can now mark it with override: true. Now when a job with the same ID already exists, the it is overriden by your job. This is a way to easily specify behaviour for use cases where idempotency is key.

Other stuff that happened

  • an awesome call with Rishi from London, who requested the "exclusive jobs" feature (thanks, Rishi! great call :D)
  • a very interesting conversation with Wes Bos about pricing models ...
  • ... which has led me to start working on the new pay-per-use pricing model

Chatting with Quirrel users has proven itself as an incredibly effective way to get good feedback.
If you can make time for it, I'd love to talk to you as well! Just drop me a DM on Twitter :D

That's been it for the second edition of the Quirrel Newsletter. Have a great week!


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