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Henry Quinn
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What have you built for work sponsored hack days?

A holiday weekend is almost upon us, and since folks like to use them for PTO, it looks like we're going to have a slow day over here on July 5th.

Not as many people around, means less deployments, means less fires for my DevOps team to put out.

We're looking at turning the day into a hack day to build something fun and/or useful for our department. We have a few ideas of what those project(s) might be, but I'm curious what y'all have worked on and built for work sponsored hack days.

Might provide a bit of inspiration!

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I present to you Chompy.

This little monster comes out when lunch is ready and does a little dance. A laser-cut box holds the components including one of those incredibly cheap (and expectedly bad) stepper motors attached to a 3D printer belt that drives the little clay figurine. There's a slack bot running on an enclosed Raspberry Pi that orchestrates everything. Finally, the finish is spray-painted paper mache and tea from teabags.

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Henry Quinn Author

But... why?