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I usually flip the script on this one a bit.

Asking you to talk about your weaknesses is a great opportunity for you to talk about what you're learning currently.

"Well, I was tasked with scaling out a web app at COMPANY X and realized I had to learn a few different technologies to make that work. I was able to implement some Docker containers and get everything set up locally, but got stuck with scaling. So I'm currently reading through some books and documentation on Kubernetes and AWS. I saw that those technologies are in your stack and am looking to find a workplace that can help me level up those particular skills."


Oh that’s a great way of turning the question to your side! I know my weaknesses and strengths, but the question sucks so much. I’m happy to tell you my weaknesses but I can fully understand the weight it holds.

Asking for opportunities is probably a better option. “What do you think you can do better?”.


Honestly, a lot of seemingly common interview questions are just really shitty.

Best to spin those somewhat positively. Telling a potential employer the things you're terrible at is just adding fodder to the list of reasons they shouldn't hire you.


This is a great suggestions. I'll just have to plan some responses based on the job I'm applying for. Thanks!

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