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Did it change between when you were an amateur and when you went professional?

It changed so SO much. I used to be into doing "small" little projects like that. However once I got my second job after college (this one actually pays market rate) I dropped most of the side stuff.

I'm starting to pick up blogging about development stuff again, but that's something I want to do for me. If anyone wants me to work on a side project, I give them my contractor price (min. $75/hr). That way, if they REALLY want me to help, it's at least worth my while.


How did you settle on your rate?


You can take a look at contractor job boards - I know in my area, contractors earn a very minimum of £500 a day.


For me I based it on a gut feeling. Now that I'm earning a bit more, I'll probably up it.

Something one of my professors said about "emergencies" stuck with me though -> "My hourly rate is $X/hour, but it'll take $500 just to get me out of bed in the morning."

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