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Bap for Quine

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✨ The most talked about open source projects on Hacker News πŸš€

Hey there,

You will find in this article last month's most talked about open-source projects on HackerNews. πŸš€

The below are chosen based on the amount of engagement and a little handpicking from our side.✌️

If getting started contributing with the below repo is too challenging, here is a free tool (click on Contribute after signing up) that helps you find good-first-issues as well as the best repos based on your language and topic of preference! ✨

1. Quiet

A private, p2p alternative to Slack and Discord built on Tor & IPFS

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  • Data syncs directly between a team's devices over Tor without a server.
  • Project is written mainly in TypeScript, with Electron and React Native frontends.
  • Do not use when privacy and security are critical (it is not audited).

GitHub repo

2. puck

The self-hosted drag-and-drop editor for React

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  • Visual editing for your existing React component library.
  • Self-host or integrate with your existing application.
  • Load your content from a 3rd party headless CMS.

GitHub repo + demo page

3. obi-sync

Reverse engineering of the native Obsidian server

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An 18-year-old could not afford the $8 per month for the official sync service, so he tried to replicate the server. He knew he might be violating the TOS and said he would take it down if asked. The actual CEO of Obsidian got back to him! He congratulated him on his achievement and gave some feedback - pretty neat story πŸš€

  • End-to-end encryption and live sync (across devices)
  • File history/recovery/snapshots
  • Works natively on IOS/Android/Linux/MacOS/Windows

GitHub repo

4. VSCodium

Freely-licensed binary distribution of VS Code

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  • Microsoft's releases of Visual Studio Code are licensed under this not-FLOSS license and contain telemetry/tracking.
  • VSCodium's binary releases of VS Code exist without MS branding/telemetry/licensing.
  • This repo gives a version of VS Code that gives users more freedom.

GitHub repo.

5. jazz2-native

Native C++ reimplementation of Jazz Jackrabbit 2

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  • JazzΒ² Resurrection is the reimplementation of the gameΒ Jazz Jackrabbit 2Β released in 1998.
  • This repo contains a fully rewritten game in C++ with better performance.
  • Supports various versions of the game (Shareware Demo, Holiday Hare '98, The Secret Files and Christmas Chronicles).

GitHub repo

6. Ryujinx

Experimental Nintendo Switch Emulator

Image description

  • Tested on approximately 4,050 titles with roughly 3,400 being considered playable.
  • Written in C#, it provides good accuracy and performance.
  • You can submit a new game test or update an existing game test entry.

GitHub repo

To start contributing to more projects, we have compiled a list of projects with easy issues you can get started on (we even have the Hacktoberfest tag for those who participate in the event!). Check out the list of projects on and here's a short playlist in case you are blocked. πŸš€

If you haven't yet, you could join our discord server if you need any help or have any questions. 🫢

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Nice list! Pleasantly surprised to find Ryujinx here :D

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