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5 exciting open-source launches you might have missed

Hey friends 👋

Every week, our team at Quine scans the open-source ecosystem for great projects to discuss.

For this week's article, we curated a list of the latest open-source launches!

If this is your first time reading our content, a warm welcome! My name is Bap, and I'm the DevRel Lead at Quine. 👋

At Quine, we are constantly on a quest to discover the hidden gems within the open-source ecosystem! Talking about Quests, we released Creator Quests, an initiative inviting developers to build a coding project around a specific theme.

Our latest Quest, quest-012, invites you to build an app (or leverage an existing open-source repo of yours) and utilise Shepherd's powerful customisations to create a dynamic user journey in your product.

The event is open to any developer ready to leverage their skills & creativity to win cash prizes. 💰

If you enjoy building, learning, and winning rewards for coding exciting projects, head to Quine and get cracking!

Having said that, let us now explore the latest launches in open-source. 👇

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If Salesforce were built today with AI at its core, it would look like QRev. However, Salesforce is pricey and slightly more difficult to customise. QRev aims to be different, leveraging AI Agents at its foundation.

This project is perfect if you want to:

  • Work with AI and digital workers for sales roles
  • Customise a flexible and cost-effective sales tool
  • Use tech stacks like Typescript, NodeJS, and MongoDB

Here's what QRev offers:

  • Digital workers mimicking real sales roles
  • AI-driven sales automation
  • Integration with various databases and AI tools

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There's a powerful tool for engineering leaders called "Middleware." It's perfect for those wanting to measure and analyse team effectiveness using DORA metrics without complex setups. Middleware is an open-source project that automates DORA metrics collection and analysis.

This is a great project if you want to:

  • Improve software delivery performance
  • Work with CI/CD tools
  • Use Docker and Gitpod

Middleware offers:

  • Integration with CI/CD tools
  • Automated DORA metrics analysis
  • Customisable reports and dashboards

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The Unify Python Package provides access to the Unify REST API, allowing you to query Large Language Models from any Python 3.7.1+ application. It includes synchronous and asynchronous clients with support for streaming responses.

This is a great tool if you want to:

  • Access multiple LLMs with a single API key
  • Route queries to the best endpoint based on throughput, cost, or latency
  • Use synchronous and asynchronous API calls

Here's what Unify offers:

  • One API key for all endpoints
  • Dynamic routing to the optimal endpoint
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous clients
  • Streaming responses support

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The last two repositories were meticulously developed earlier and have recently made a significant push in their marketing initiatives this past month. 👀


NocoBase is a scalability-first, open-source no-code development platform. Deploy NocoBase in minutes to have a private, controllable, and highly scalable no-code development environment.

This project is perfect if you want to:

  • Create complex and flexible data models
  • Use a WYSIWYG interface for configuration
  • Extend functionality with plugins

Here's what NocoBase offers:

  • Data model-driven architecture
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) configuration
  • Plugin-based functionality expansion

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BaselineJS is an open-source, fullstack TypeScript, serverless-first framework designed to simplify building cloud-native applications. This framework uses modern technologies, architectures, and operational processes to help teams build and deploy robust applications efficiently.

This project is perfect if you want to:

  • Build cloud-native applications with ease
  • Utilise a full-stack serverless framework
  • Leverage modern tech stacks like TypeScript and AWS

Here's what BaselineJS offers:

  • Comprehensive API
  • React-based Admin and User Websites
  • Integrated CI/CD
  • Developer tooling and authentication
  • Support for multiple environments
  • Local development capabilities
  • Infrastructure as Code with AWS

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If you are an open-source company that launched recently, make sure to add your repository in the comment below! 🙂

Finally, if you want to join the self-proclaimed "coolest" server in open source 😝, you should join our discord. We are here to help you on your journey in open source. 🫶

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srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

Amazing list @fernandezbaptiste
QRev sounds promising.

fernandezbaptiste profile image

Glad you enjoyed the list Saurabh ⭐️
Yes, QRev sounds pretty cool! They definitely went for tackling an industry with a big player. I'm excited to see how their project unfolds in the couple of months to come. 👀

dhruvagarwal profile image
Dhruv Agarwal

Glad to be mentioned here @fernandezbaptiste! We're quite excited at! 🚀

fernandezbaptiste profile image

My pleasure Dhruv! Excited to see how Middleware evolve in this space :)

jayantbh profile image
Jayant Bhawal

Thanks for the shout on Middleware!

Found BaselineJS to be pretty cool! 🚀

john_dunn_ec1dda9d69d5743 profile image
John Dunn

Great post!

fernandezbaptiste profile image

Thanks John :)