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re: IMHO, if you work alone, yes you don't need to use any framework. Build up your basic first and as long it works, don't give bug, and the client s...

but if you work with a team, you need a standard structure for people to working together. for me, that is the point of having a framework.

Have you tried talking and collaborating with your team? Is it really neccessary for a framework to enforce a collective sense of what software should look like?


It isn't necessary, it just costs time to roll-you-own. Which means money (salary mostly) and opportunity (time-to-market mostly).

When you use an existing framework you save time in at least these areas:

  • Writing documentation and keeping it up to date
  • Getting a new hire up-to-speed
  • Implementing new features
  • Guarding against security vulnerabilities^
  • Getting answers to questions without costing the time of a teammate

^ Security is a big one, Rails for example has a bounty program for finding and reporting vulnerabilities. Is your team paying someone to find security vulnerabilities so you can patch them before they are exploited?

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