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A Quick Introduction to Quickblox's New Flutter Chat Code Sample

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Are you wanting to build a chat app for Android and iOS without spending a huge amount of time, money, or resources? Our team at QuickBlox has just released a new code sample for Flutter, which we are delighted to share with you!

Flutter chat apps have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing popularity of Flutter as a mobile development framework. Flutter is a modern, open-source framework for building high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android. It offers a fast development cycle and a rich set of pre-designed widgets, making it a popular choice for developers who want to build chat apps quickly and easily. Additionally, the growing number of available Flutter chat libraries, plugins, and tutorials has made it easier for developers to create chat apps with Flutter.

The new Flutter code sample from QuickBlox makes it easy to use QuickBlox's chat SDK in your next Flutter project. The code sample is available in GitHub, along with comprehensive documentation.

What is a Chat sample?

A chat code sample refers to a piece of code that implements a chat interface, typically a text-based conversational interface between a user and a computer program. It can be used to demonstrate how to build a chat application, how to integrate chat functionality into an existing application, or as a reference for implementing specific chat features.
The beauty of a chat sample is that is expedites the development process, proving developers with a shortcut to creating and implementing code.

QuickBlox Flutter Code Sample

QuickBlox's new code sample makes it easy to build chat in no time at all. You can use the code sample to create a chat app with solid features, a user-friendly interface and high performance, for both Android and iOS.

The code sample provides a basic chat application that sends and receives messages and file attachments, and can be easily extended to add more features.

The Flutter code sample is implemented using QuickBlox Flutter SDK. The QuickBlox SDK is designed to be easy to integrate into your existing codebase and comes with a comprehensive documentation set, making it extremely easy to work with.

Learn moreabout how to get started with QuickBlox Flutter chat sample.

How the Quickblox Flutter Code Sample Works

The following are the functionalities to expect from the code sample.

Chat Types

This chat sample has three types of chat features - a one-to-one chat, group chat, and public chat.

One-to-one chat: This is a private chat between two persons. You can share messages, photos, videos, and more with the person you’re chatting with. Your messages are only seen and read by the person in conversation with you. You can start a private conversation by simply selecting or typing in the search bar the name of the person to chat with.

Group chat: Connect with a group of people all in one place. You can add new participants to the group, view the list of members, and exit the group chat.

Public chat: Anyone who's logged into the chat sample can have access to the public chat. This is a chat between all users of the Chat sample.

Attachment Types

Using the Flutter code sample, you can send and receive images, videos, and files up to 100MB in size. Select images and videos from your gallery or take them directly from the camera on your device.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are sent and received when a new group is created, a person joins the group chat, and when someone leaves the group chat. Even when offline, users can receive push notifications.


With the growing number of Flutter developers and the increasing need for messaging functionality in applications, QuickBlox has released a Flutter chat code sample to help our developers leverage our Flutter chat SDK.

We provide detailed documentation for using our Flutter SDK.

Also, check out our detailed tutorials if you want to add polls, stickers, or message reactions to boost your Flutter chat app.

QuickBlox offers robust messaging SDK in several other technologies including SWIFT and Obj-C for IOS, Java, and Kotlin for Android, JavaScript, ReactJS, and AngularJS for Web and React Native and Flutter for cross-platform solutions.

Let us know what you’re building with the Flutter code sample in the comment below.

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