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Internships and I (HNG)

Fellow humans of earth (yea, I think there are aliens out there too), I have been trying to get an internship for as long as 4 months now, it appears Python is a very common stack but so is Mathematics (if you get what I mean), during my very long dry spell, I searched and combed every corner I could to see if I could be accepted into any, even if I don't get a dime from it (I needed accountability and experience badly). My breakthrough came through the Zuri team in partnership with HNGxI4G and Slack(the platform). Then I discovered the internship is a very high paced one with thousands of individuals competing for less than 500 spaces and I would be working with python for backend web development (what are the odds right???). Am stating my goals here for constant remembrance and for accountability (also because it's required as the first task).

My Goal

  • Get that damn Tee Shirt! I think everything I'll do would evolve around this, its going to be a very long 8 weeks, this is the starting point.

Tutorials I'll turn to Bible

So help me, myself.

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