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New console sneak peek

We are working on something special which will be shared in a couple weeks on Github. Part of the project required a complete overhaul of the web console used to make it easier to interact with the database. We wanted to do that for a long time so we are happy we finally did this. So happy that we couldn't wait any longer to share a sneak peek for feedback and ideas.

questdb console new

This was quite a project because the old console was... old. Meril worked his magic and migrated from bower to nmp, and is finishing a complete migration to react.

As you can see, it has come a long way since the last version

questdb console old

Here is some of the new stuff we added.

🧛 Dracula theme
questdb dracula theme

🔎 Table and columns explorer
questdb explorer

⌚ Improved and detailed execution time reporting
questdb exec time

📈 Toggle between chart view and table view, and improved charts
questdb improved charts

We also built the results grid to be responsive, no matter the amount of data you get back. This means that you have the same responsiveness if your result is 10 rows or 1 billion.

We would love to hear feedback and ideas to make this console better and more helpful. Feel free to fire ideas or to submit issues on Github.

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