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Like the last "Who's looking for open source contributors" edition, I will ask help for WarShield.

It's a CLI tool made to cipher and decipher your files with a password using AES-256. It was made to ensure a full files protection inside a storage device. If those are lost or stolen, malicious peoples can take over your data.

It uses AES-256 GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) with random 16 bytes initialization vector. Key is hash in a 256 bits key with SHA-512 using random 64 bytes salt and rounds (between 3000 and 9000 rounds).

Also, there is a post about it.

Have a nice day everyone :)


Hey, I think this is a really interesting project. I might not be of much help with crypto but I can help expand the functionality on the CLI side of things.

What kinda contributions are you looking for?


Every improvement is a great help for this tool. The parameters possibilities can be improved a lot for instance!


That's an interesting project but I don't have any crypto skills


Same here. Its an interesting project but I haven't had any real world experience or even a class about crypto.

Well, it could be a great way to start an adventure in the crypto world! I didn't know anything about cryptography before starting WarShield 😃

So what would be your "first steps" for complete crypto newbies?

In the case of WarShield, you can start by discovering the crypto module.
You can also read some articles about cryptography (cf: "What I learned about cryptography in 3 weeks".

That's an interesting post thanks for this ressource !

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