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Quant Project: My experience on becoming a Quant

quantgirluk profile image Quant Girl ・1 min read

🆕 I want to share some insight from my experience in looking for a job and starting my career as a #quant after graduation, with no previous experience in the financial sector.

I hope this helps recent graduates and more generally anybody who is interested on joining the financial sector as a quantitative analyst.


This article covers:
✅ Types of Quants
✅ Skills: 🧮Maths and Statistics, 💻Programming, 🧰Other Tools, ⚾️ Soft Skills
✅ Interview Process: 📓Resume, 🎯 General Tips, ☎️Telephone Round, 👥 Face to Face Rounds
✅ Resources: 📚 Books, 🌐 Free Online Resources, 🖥Coding Practice, 👥 Recruiters
✅ FAQs

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I love your article because it has given me some insight into Python. Please, recently I got admission at WorldQuant University (WQU) Scientific Computing and Python for Data Science Unit. I have no basis or foundations in Python. The first phase of the course is expected to last for 8 weeks. After reading your article, I realized I have to have a strong foundation in Python, but I do not have. Please, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank You.

quantgirluk profile image
Quant Girl Author

Hi Dave, Many thanks for your message. It really made me happy to know that you liked the article.
Congratulations on your admission to WQU. Python is a very intuitive programming language that you can learn by self-studying. So, please don't worry too much about this :)
If you have not done any Python before, I would recommend to take a look at the official guide ( and/or the book "A Byte of Python" ( They contain all you need to get started.
After that, you can start working on small projects (which you can share on your Github profile and then they will serve to display your skills :) and as a reference for future projects) and growing your knowledge on particular directions of your interest.
Enjoy your course and keep in touch!

target899 profile image

Ma'am, I am very honoured that you have replied to my message. Thank You, Ma'am, for taking the time to read my message. I will look into the resources. Ma'am, please, stay safe. Ma'am, once again, Thank You for your time

target899 profile image

Good morning, Ma'am. How are you doing? Ma'am, I have started a course on machine learning from datacamp and I have gone through some videos and tests. Now, moving to the next step, it says I should upgrade my account. Please, Ma'am, can you help me out? I know that the symptom of pandemic is poverty. I lost my job as a teacher in March when my country went on partial lockdown. I would pay you back once I find a job. Ma'am, I would be glad if you could help me out.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Stay Safe.