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That's awesome! However, you did miss a free way to advertise in your post. There are a lot of awesome lists on Github. For example, I put my NCOVDashboard on this awesome list for Coronavirus related projects. There are other lists too, like some for python, go, PHP, etc.

GitHub logo Quantalabs / NCOVDashboard

A COVID-19 Dashboard

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Version License: GPL--3.0 Build Lines of Code Language grade: Python Total alerts Awesome

A simple COVID-19 Dashboard

View the Dashboard here


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GitHub logo soroushchehresa / awesome-coronavirus

🦠 Huge collection of useful projects and resources for COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus)

Awesome Coronavirus Awesome build status

Huge collection of useful projects and resources for COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus)

COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus) is a current epidemic as of today. Developers around the world are building applications for the public to get up-to-date and accurate information as quickly as possible.

If you are interested to add an item to this list, please read the contribution guidelines first!


Get to Know

Link Description
Coronavirus World Health Organization.
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) World Health Organization.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public World Health Organization.
Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19) World Health Organization.

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