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Top 15 Websites to find free transparent PNG images

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Free PNG image resources are becoming more popular among designers nowadays. The reason for their immense popularity is, they are easy to access, designed by creative individuals with keeping quality in mind, and most importantly they are a big time saver. But finding the right website with the right graphics for your project is sometimes gets really frustrating. So, we made this list for graphics creators to easily find free transparent PNG images on the web.


Pixabay site offers an extensive collection of free transparent PNG images, stock photos, illustrations, vector graphics, film footage, and music. The Pixabay platform is licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0) license which means all the content of the platform is can be used in non-commercial projects too.

Stick PNG

Stick PNG community of creative artists offering a wide range of free transparent PNG images. The platform contains more than 35,000+ PNG images that are free to use for any personal no-commercial and educational projects.


This site provides some amazing high-resolution PNG images and clipart pictures. PNGAll platform contains free transparent PNG images which can be used in any personal non-commercial project.


PixPNG is a great website for finding free transparent PNG images. The platform has an extensive category of PNG image collection for graphics and web designers. All images are free to use in any non-commercial projects.

Pixel Squid

Pixel Squid is one of the best places for finding beautiful free transparent PNG images and 3D objects. This PNG image site has a variety of 3D graphics and transparent background clipart that are free to use on any personal and non-commercial project.

Designer Candies

Designer Candies is a graphics resources platform created by talented designers. The candies website offers free transparent PNG images as well as 3D rendered objects. You can use these graphics in your personal and commercial projects.

PNG Find

PNG Find has a massive collection of transparent images. With great navigation and filtering features, you can easily find free transparent PNG images. You can use these PNG images in all kinds of educational and non-commercial projects.


PNG fly gives a variety of over a million free transparent PNG images. More than 1,000 designers daily upload these PNG pictures to be used in your personal and non-commercial projects.

Free PNG Img

Find over 50,00+ free transparent PNG images and icons on Free PNG Img. It is a non-commercial website developed by a bunch of graphic designers. This site is exceptionally useful for finding a vast variety of PNG images for non-commercial projects.

Png Img

The PNG Image is a non-commercial website created by a small team of designers. This platform offers free transparent PNG images, pictures, and clipart that can be easily downloaded and used in any non-commercial project.

Pure PNG

If you are a professional designer looking for PNG images to use in your commercial projects, then Pure PNG is the right place for you. This site offers high-quality free transparent PNG images which are licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

PNG Mart

PNG Mart platform is desiccated to free transparent PNG images, which you can download and use in your personal and non-commercial projects. It has some cool clear background PNG images of different categories.

Free PNGs

Free PNGs offers an extensive collection of beautiful high-resolution premium and free transparent PNG images. This UK based company has the best cut out images which can be easily downloaded and edited.


Discover gorgeous royalty-free transparent PNG images on the Mrcutout website. All these clear background PNG images are released under the Creative Common Zero (CC0) license, which means you can use these images in your commercial projects as well.

Kiss PNG

Kiss PNG, now Clean PNG, is a website having more than 3,000,000+ free transparent PNG images. The platform has high-quality free PNG images organized in over 50,000+ categories. The best thing is you can download an unlimited number of images without registering on the platform.

So, this is the list of websites containing beautiful high-resolution PNG images. Bookmark this page for future reference and don’t forget to share this with your designer friends.


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I have found another website called PNGpic which provides free png images.