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20 Awesome Free Stock Photos Websites

Finding the right stock image platform that offers free stock images for websites, blogs, and other marketing campaigns is really a tough job. You have to browse at least five Google Search Pages to find one good site. To save you from that we have curated a list of the best free stock photos sites for you. Please have a look.


Pexels has an amazing collection of beautiful high-quality free stock photos and videos. You can rapidly search for the best stock images for all kinds of digital and printable projects. Pexels uses the Creative Commons Zero License for their photos and videos.


Pixabay offers a collection of more than 1 million free stock photos, videos, vectors, and music. All the media files are provided with the Creative Common CC0 license and are free to use in any project commercially without permission.

StockSnap offers an extensive collection of high-resolution free stock photos for everything, which they upload every week. The site releases all the photos under Creative Common Zero (CC0) public domain, which means users are allowed to use these stock images without any attribution.

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos helps startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, and creators to find free stock photos that convey the intended message and vibe. All the featured stock pictures are free to be used in all kinds of projects as they are released under the Creative Common Zero (CC0) license.


Reshot is more than just a stock photo site, it’s a mission to unify the visual content creators to elevate the creative projects. Reshot has a massive collection of free stock photos for every kind of project. Photos on the reshot platform are free to use commercially without any attributions.


FoodiesFeed is a website dedicated to free stock photos of food and food-related goods. The platform is specifically made to eliminate ugly mediocre stock images from food blogs and websites. Many passionate food photographers regularly share their work on this site.


Gratisography declares themselves as a quirkiest platform for stock images, and that makes them very unique. This site has a huge collection of free stock photos, clicked by Ryan McGuire of bells design. All the pictures are absolutely free from all copyright infringements.


Burst is a stock photo site powered by Shopify. Burst has a humungous selection of top-quality free stock photos clicked by amazing photographers. Burst provides stock images with a Creative Common Zero license as well as Shopify’s own photo license.


FreeStocks offers an extensive collection of beautiful pictures related to animals, architecture, fashion, food, technology, and nature. The platform provides all the free stock photos licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0) license.


Picography provides gorgeous free stock photos. The site has wide categories of photos which are snaped by talented photographers around the globe. You are free to use these photos are you desire, as all the stock images are released under the Creative Common CC0 license.


With more than 2 million high-resolution stock images and 200,000+ photographers, Unsplash is one of the best websites for free stock photos. It may not have numerous categories of pictures like paid stock sites, but it has top-quality photos that are added every day.

Negative Space

Negative Space provides a good collection of high-quality free stock photos. They have thousands of stock images sorted in categories such as abstract, architecture, black & white, work, animals, food, people nature etc. You can use these images in your non-commercial project without attribution as these images are released under CC0 license.

Kaboom Pics

This free stock photo platform has a variety of images related to lifestyle, interior, architecture, beauty, fashion and more. All the photos are royalty-free and can be used commercially but cannot be redistributed or sold.


The SkitterPhoto is a photography platform offering high-quality free stock photos for websites and other projects. The platform has a wide category of images uploaded by amateur and professionals from all around the globe. All photos are Creative Common CC0 licensed and can be used commercially.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix offers high-resolution stock images which have no copyright restrictions for personal and commercial use. These free stock photos are shared by LEEROY creative agency and their network of photographers. All the images are totally free for use in commercial and personal projects.

Little Visuals

Little Visuals platform is created by passionate photographer Nic Jackson. Sadly, the photographer is no more but his creativity is still alive and open to be used in all kinds of personal and commercial projects.


Foca is a free stock photo site proving stock images licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0) license. Jeffrey Betts, the founder of Focastock, regularly uploads his creativity on the site. All the images are copyright infringement free.


StyledStock is a collection of gorgeous feminine free stock photos. StyledStock offers a wide range of stock images for women entrepreneurs. You are allowed to use these photos in your personal or commercial project without any attribution.


Picspree has a wide collection of high-resolution stock images, illustrations, vectors, stock photos, and vectors. This free stock photo site contains royalty-free photographs and vectors in an extensive category.

Free Range

The photos and illustrations featured in Free Range come from in-house photographers as well as creative contributors from around the globe. The website was formed in the year 2007 with a goal to provide high-quality free stock photos for commercial and non-commercial projects.


Picjumbo is a stock photo platform created by Viktor Hanacek, after getting rejected by all the stock photography websites. The platform has stunning images clicked by the creator and licensed under Creative Common CC0.

ISO Republic

The ISO Republic provides a curated collection of high-resolution stock images and videos. All the content is licensed under the Creative Common CC0 license and is free to use in personal and commercial projects without giving any attribution.

Death to Stock

Death to the Stock platform is a great platform for businesses, bloggers, and creatives to find stock pictures for their projects. This site uploads 100+ photos every month. These free stock photos are snapped by talented photographers.

Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave founder Igor started this platform to give away his best shots clicked in his traveling to Asian countries. Since its inception, this platform became popular among designers, developers, bloggers, and marketers for all these free stock photos.

New Old Stock

The new old stock offers vintage stock photos collected from public domains. These free stock photos are available for personal and non-commercial use.

Usage rights of these free stock photos

Almost all images on these platforms are licensed under Creative Common Zero (CC0) public domain license and free to be used in any kind of project – commercial or otherwise. But it is advised to check the site’s licensing policies.

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