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10 Best jQuery Plugin and effects to implement in your website

jQuery is totally ruling the website development world. This powerful Javascript library is the most favorite among the developer community. The reason for their tremendous love for jQuery is its simplicity, clean syntax, cross-browser compatibility, open-source, and SEO friendliness. It is widely used for its plugins, animations, and AJAX support.

jQuery plugins are the best way to extend the functionality of your website without writing hundreds of lines of code. These lightweight code snippets are saving precious time for developers since JQuery has been launched. Here we have made the 10 most useful JQuery plugins and effects that you can implement in your site to enhance its look and usefulness.

fancy box

The fancy box is a powerful JavaScript lightbox library for presenting images, HTML content, and multimedia files. This highly responsive plugin looks excellent on every device and it is compatible with any modern browser. You can swipe, pinch zoom-in zoom-out, and spread it on any touch device. Fancybox also supports mouse wheel and keyboard navigation. This user-friendly plugin darkens the background while displaying content, to keep the user’s focus on the subject without any distraction. Fancybox is licensed under GPLv3 license for all open source projects, which means it is free to use non-commercially while for commercial use you have to purchase a license.

slick slider

Slick Slider is a fully responsive carousel and slider plugin. You can style your website’s slider navigation with Slick Slider in fifteen different ways. It separates HTML elements, images, and videos per breakpoint. This browser-friendly carousel plugin supports almost all the browsers. This jQuery plugin also supports touch gestures which means it can be swiped, and scrolled in all touch screen devices. It can be easily navigated in computer devices with arrow keys, mouse wheel, and dragging. You can freely customize this slider and use it in your personal, educational, non-commercial, and commercial projects.


Display interactive charts on your webpage with Chart.js library. This JQuery plugin enables you to present your data in various statistical chart format on your website. It displays data in highly responsive and customizable charts such as Bar charts, line charts, area charts, linear scale charts, logarithmic scale charts, time scale charts, et cetera on all device screens. You can mix two or more charts to show clear visual distinction in datasets or animate charts to show transitions in the data. Chart.js is a community-maintained open-source project for licensed under MIT license which means it is free to use in any personal and commercial project.


Canvas.js is another powerful HTML 5 charting library for showing charts and stock charts on website dashboards. This simple JavaScript API can display data in 30+ statistical chart formats with 10x faster performance. It supports every device screen and major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8. Canvas.js is trusted by 20+ leading companies including NASA, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, BMW, and Samsung. You can freely use this JQuery plugin in your personal, educational, or non-commercial project. For commercial use, you can purchase its royalty-free license from the website. If you are running a startup for less than a 3-year-old then you can get a discount on the license. They also offer 60 days unconditional money-back guarantee on all the licenses.

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is a free jQuery lightbox and popup plugin to show images videos, maps, modal forms, error messages, and CSS animations on the web page. The magnific plugin is browser friendly JavaScript library run on any modern-day browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 8. It is fully compatible with every device and retina display. This plugin displays images before they are completely loaded to give the user a fast-loading experience. Magnific Popup is free for use in any commercial and non-commercial project as it is licensed under MIT license.

WOW animation

Wow.js animation library is an awesome jQuery plugin for animating HTML elements in your website. This widely used library offers simple methods to work with animate CSS library on websites. Wow.js is fully responsible for device screens and compatible with all the modern browsers of today. It has easily customizable animation settings to make alterations in styles, lengths, transitions, and offsets. Wow.js is 100% MIT licensed free for use in any commercial and non-commercial projects.

OWL slider

Owl slider is a lightweight beautiful jQuery plugin for creating carousel sliders. This easy to implement slider has tons of options and functionalities. It is fully customizable. You can create a smooth touch-enabled carousel with an Owl slider. It supports touch and drag options, which means it supports both, mobile as well as computer screens. Owl slider is completely mobile friendly. It has been tested on browsers like Chrome, Safari, IE7, Opera, Firefox, etc. and proved to have modern-day browser compatibility. It also has fallback support for older browsers, which can be considered as its most powerful functionality. Owl browser is MIT Licensed free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects.


Want to implement filtering and sorting functionality? Or want to layout some distinct shaped HTML elements in grid or tabular format? Isotope dynamic plugin is an easy way to do that. It provides great filtering, sorting, and layout modes which makes your website and web app look organized and beautiful. It has almost all modern-day browser and device compatibility. You can use this library in your open-source and non-commercial projects as it is licensed under GNU GPL license v3. But if you want to use Isotope in your commercial project, you have to purchase a license.


Popups are the best way to show the user some information or give alert messages on screen. An interactive popup box helps the user to finish a task or give a confirmation. But sometimes these monotonous boxes do not go with your website and look boring to the user. At that time you search for customized alerts that complement your site. SweetAlert is one such JQuery library for creating beautiful alerts. This plugin display alerts with animation and interactive buttons right in the center of the screen. SweetAlert is compatible with mobile device screens and browsers. This plugin is licensed under MIT license which allows you to freely modify and use it in your commercial projects.

Parallax js

Parallax.js is a simple jQuery plugin that makes your website look beautiful with amazing parallax effect. It reacts to the orientation of your mobile device and if no gyroscope or motion detector hardware available, it uses the position of a cursor. This great parallax library is mobile friendly and compatible with all modern-day browsers. Parallax.js is MIT licensed and can be used in personal as well as non-commercial projects.

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