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Free hosting for Open Source projects

rphilogene profile image Romaric Philogène github logo ・1 min read  

Qovery combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS and the simplicity of Heroku to deploy modern application seamlessly!

I am pleased to announce that Qovery supports individual developers / open source and non profit projects to host up to 3 applications (database included) for free. Our business model is based on Enterprise hosting, which gives us the possibility to offer generous free plans.

Start using Qovery now and join the community!

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Qovery helps developers to deploy their application in the Cloud in just a few seconds
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Free but? Is it the same as heroku, when no one is accessing the site, the server will sleep and when you try to access it for the first time, the load time takes forever?


Not at all, but it's a good idea to save resources :) We can't do this kind of "optimization" because as we deploy container, we don't know what you are exactly doing.

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