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Qlone 3D Scanner FAQ

What is Qlone?
Qlone is an all-in-one 3D scanner app. We have made it easy and fast to create 3D models from real objects, edit them with built-in editing tools and seamlessly export the result to popular platforms, 3D file formats and 3D printers. You can even animate your models in AR!

The most User-Friendly 3D Scanning app

Is it available for both iOS and Android?
Yes, it is available on both but the iOS version is much more advanced, with a new option to scan objects without the Qlone mat. There is also a macOS version and an Apple Watch version. Download from here:
Download App

Why upgrade to Premium?
Qlone is free to download and scan (iOS) but exporting the 3D models, AR view with Animations and scanning in 4K resolution (iOS) are premium features that require an upgrade to premium. Such upgrade is a one-time purchase fee and is not based on an annoying subscription.
Also on iOS, there is a new premium feature that allows scanning without a mat! Since processing for scanning without the mat takes place on our Qlone Cloud, when you upgrade to premium you unlock this new option and receive 20 cloud credits for 20 such scans. You can later purchase more credits in highly affordable packs if needed. The Android version is a paid app.

​How do I use Qlone?
If you choose to scan with the Qlone mat, simply print it from the included mat file, place your object in the middle of the mat and let the AR dome guide you through the scanning process. You can also scan the object from two different angles and it will be automatically merged for a better overall result which includes areas such as the bottom of the object.
On the iOS version, you can now scan without a mat in two different modes — AR mode which makes it easy to scan with our familiar AR dome or Photo mode, which takes higher quality 4K images in both manual or automatic modes.

Where do I find the Qlone mat?
Just go to the Get mat screen in the app and you will find the mat file there. You can print it directly (iOS) or send it as an email attachment and print it out. For your convenience you can also find it in this link.
You will also find the optional Vertical mat if you swipe on the image in the Get Mat screen. For scanning larger objects, you can print it in larger dimensions from A3 to A0 in any printing store.

Is the processing taking place in the cloud?
With Qlone, there is no waiting time, all processing is done in real time on your phone in seconds.
In the new iOS option to scan without a mat, processing is done on our blazing fast Qlone Cloud but we value your privacy so we don’t store or view any of your models!

​What is the difference between Qlone and Qlone EDU on iOS?
The EDU version is identical to the free version with fully unlocked premium features. It was released to accommodate an easier distribution for educational institutions that use the Apple School Manager and as such, there is a 50% discount for bulk purchases of 20 copies or more.
Please note that the EDU version does not support scanning without the mat!

In which 3D file formats can I export?
You can export models in a variety of popular formats for use in other 3D tools — OBJ, STL, FBX, GLB, USDZ (iOS), PLY, X3D. If you send your models to other Qlone users, they can import them into their app or you can import them into your other devices.
You can also export an HTML code for easily adding 3D models to your website. Here is such an example of an AR Menu:
AR Menu Example

​Can I modify or clean the 3D model in the app?
With the integrated tools in the app you can optimize and modify your 3D model without needing to export them to other sophisticated software. You can blur texture imperfections, simplify the mesh to reduce the no. of polygons, smooth and erase parts of the mesh and much more.

​To which platforms can I export and share my 3D models?
You can upload and share on Sketchfab, 3D print on i.materialise, Shapeways, create a Snapchat Lens Studio Project (iOS) or sell your models on CGTrader, all with a direct upload from the app. You can also share the models on iMessage, WhatsApp and many other social platforms in high quality MP4 videos or GIF videos.

The AR dome never appears, what could be wrong?
Make sure you printed the mat correctly — It should fully contain the whole pattern and include the marked white spaces around it. Also make sure it was printed on a non-glossy paper.

You can find more tips and best practices for scanning here:
Qlone Tips and Best Practices YouTube Playlist

​Here is a tutorial video on how to scan food:

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