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Flytekit: Create a Conda package for flytekit

Flyte and Flytekit

Flyte is a large open source community and project, which is mainly developed and maintained by Lyft. This a production-level project with hundreds of developers working on a significant sized code base spread across several repos. This type of work is often characterized by longer review cycles, stricter guidelines on what your contribution must be, and fixes that take a long time to make due to the need to read and understand big code.

Flytekit Python is the Python Library for easily authoring, testing, deploying, and interacting with Flyte tasks, workflows, and launch plans.


This issue was to create a Conda package for flytekit, now is pip install flytekit, the goal is to apply conda install flytekit.


The first step was to propose a proper plan to publish this package on conda. Initially, I wrote a comment addressing this issue with a draft plan. Finally, as the first PR submitted, the plan was settled.

Then, I recieved very useful comments from the project maintainers and submitted a follow up revision. This PR is still under review, but the picture is very clear right now. The meta.yaml file will eventually submit to conda-forge channel via the flyteorg fork of, following the steps in this guide:

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