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Cracking the Algorithm Interview

Algorithm interview has become an essential part of pursuing a technical career in the IT world. Lots of beginners or even experienced engineers are struggling with it. In my opinion, they are doing it in the wrong way. I write this series to help people find the right learning path.

People solve algorithm problems in various styles. On one end, people rely on their instinct while on the other end, people reference classic algorithm textbooks. Both are wrong. The questions in the algorithm interview have certain patterns or implicit scopes. They are neither brain teasers nor rocket science.

At a high level, I categorize the required knowledge base in the following way.

  1. Data structures: array, linked list, stack/queue, hash table, heap, tree, graph

  2. Techniques: math, recursion, sort, search, divide & conquer, dynamic programming.

That is it! In this series, I will dive deep into each area. (Please click the link of each topic)

How to practice?

Leetcode is the most popular online coding platform with 1000+ algorithm problems and the number only increases. But remember, not all problems are good problems! In this series, I will talk about the classic ones with which you will be able to solve a number of similar problems or same-pattern problems. That is the whole point.

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