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Alyonkka for Qdrant

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Storing multiple vectors per object in Qdrant

In a real case scenario, a single object might be described in several different ways. If you run an e-commerce business, then your items will typically have a name, longer textual description and also a bunch of photos. While cooking, you may care about the list of ingredients, and description of the taste but also the recipe and the way your meal is going to look. Up till now, if you wanted to enable semantic search with multiple vectors per object, Qdrant would require you to create separate collections for each vector type, even though they could share some other attributes in a payload. However, since Qdrant 0.10 you are able to store all those vectors together in the same collection and share a single copy of the payload!

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Read more in the article written by Kacper Łukawski

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