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FruitsClassifier with Pytorch Lightning 🍉

On this project, I convert my FruitsClassifier from Pytorch to Pytorch Lightning. I employ a callback module, a checkpoint mode to store and save the model state_dict. I conduct resume training, plot loss and accuracy from previous trains. I check the accuracy for each class and make predictions on images from outside the dataset.


✍️ Documentation:

- Convert my Pytorch model to Pytorch Lightning

- FruitsClassifier on Fruits 360

- Full Training on Kaggle | GoogleNet | 94% Acc

- GitHub Page


💥 Training Epochs



🍇 Visualize Loss and Accuracy



🍌 Visualize model performance on test dataset



🍎 Accuracy of each class



🍍 Image Predictions from outside the Dataset



🍑 Accuracy of each class: green(correct predictions), red(incorrect predictions)


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