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Creating eCommerce Sites Using Symfony Framework

We are well aware of the Symfony framework and its Qualities. It is famous among all PHP developers for its speed and capabilities to build enterprise-level Web Applications. Although PHP has Wordpress, as world-famous CMS and then its WooCommerce plugin for Creating e-commerce sites. But Wordpress is not good with security feature so woo-commerce is only feasible with small e-commerce sites with a medium user base.

And for E-commerce sites where we want security and want to manage millions of users, we choose Magento, (PHP's savior for eCommerce World) but at the expense of speed. Magento is not good at speed and sometimes highly expensive.

So, for PHP, we have another savior in the eCommerce world, with speed, flexibility, and security. Yes, its Sylius.

Sylius is Open-Source, Symfony Based eCommerce Solution. And going to be a hit as backed up by Symfony. As a web developer, I personally tried it and I am super excited after knowing its capabilities. It's super easy to set up even for newbies. In a few minutes, you are up with a fully functional eCommerce Site using Symfony.

Sylius is providing a full plug and play environment, they have hundreds of plugin freely available to integrate Third-party services such as google analytics, Elastic search, SEO Related Plugins, etc.

You can follow installation steps to set up Sylius from Sylius docs:

and if you are a bit familiar with Symfony it will be easy for you to customize it according to your site's requirements.

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