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Enatega Releases Open-Source App Repo

Enatega, a feature-rich multivendor food delivery solution, has open-sourced its app repository after four years of development and over 100 deployments! This blog post dives into what Enatega offers, explores the reasons behind their decision to go open-source, unveils the app repo's functionalities, and details how you can contribute to the project.

Enatega: A Feature-Rich Food Delivery App Solution

Enatega streamlines the food delivery app development process by providing:

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Forget complex workflows! Enatega allows you to run the project locally with just a few commands.
  • Cross-Platform Infrastructure: Enatega offers flexibility for testing across various environments, including emulators and physical devices.
  • Open-Source Goodness: Enatega provides live demos, documentation, and video tutorials to equip you for success.

Get started by exploring the source code on the Enatega Github repository:

Why Open Source?

Enatega's pivot to open-source stems from their need for a scalable marketing solution. By open-sourcing the app repository, they've gained significant traction without extensive marketing efforts. This approach fosters a collaborative environment where contributors gain valuable experience working on a real-world project used by over 100 startups.

Enatega Multivendor App Unveiled

Repo unvieled
Enatega Multivendor is a comprehensive multivendor food delivery solution designed for iOS, Android, and Web. It boasts a user-friendly design for both mobile and web applications, along with a robust backend infrastructure.

Here's a glimpse into the technologies powering Enatega:

  • Mobile App: React Native, Expo, GraphQL, Sentry, Amplitude
  • Web Dashboard: React, GraphQL, Bootstrap, Firebase
  • API Server: NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Stripe, Paypal, Nodemailer, Firebase, Express GraphQL, Mongoose

Enatega offers a plethora of features to cater to all aspects of food delivery operations, including:

  • Customer Mobile/Web App Features:
    • Email/Phone number verification
    • Login via Google, Apple, and Facebook
    • Location-based restaurant discovery on map and home screen
    • Detailed restaurant information (ratings, reviews, hours, delivery times, menu, location, minimum order)
    • Address addition with Google Places suggestions and Maps integration
    • Analytics and error reporting (Amplitude, Sentry)
    • Push notifications for account creation, order status updates, and global announcements
    • Real-time rider tracking with chat option
    • Multi-language and theme support
    • Rating and review system
    • Payment integration (PayPal, Stripe)
    • Order history and favorite restaurant management
    • Food item variations and notes addition
    • Pick-up/delivery options with flexible timings
    • Vouchers and tipping functionality
    • Search functionality for restaurants and items
  • Restaurant App Features:
    • Order alerts via ringer and push notifications
    • Time limits for order acceptance and meal preparation
    • Invoice printing option
    • Delivered order history
    • Online/offline status management
    • Order details with customer information
    • Real-time order updates
  • Rider App Features:
    • Real-time order status updates
    • New order alerts via push notifications and ringer
    • Map integration showing delivery and restaurant addresses
    • Time limits for order acceptance and meal preparation visibility
    • Real-time distance and travel time estimates (restaurant & customer)
    • Live chat with customer (push notifications for received chats)
    • Order history (in-progress & new)
    • Online earnings deposited to your wallet (withdrawal option with wallet history)
    • Online/offline status management
  • Admin Dashboard Features:
    • Role-based administration (admin vs. vendor)
    • Restaurant, vendor, and section management
    • Rider zone creation and assignment
    • Rider withdrawal request management and commission rate configuration
    • Global order status configuration and application settings
    • Restaurant order statistics and commission management via Stripe
    • Restaurant timing and delivery zone management
    • Menu management with discount features
    • User, rating, coupon, and tipping management
    • Development-friendly functionalities (ESLint, Prettier, Jest, Husky)

Become a Part of the Enatega Open-Source Community

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Enatega actively seeks contributions to their project. Their tech stack is built using in-demand technologies, making this a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience.
There are two primary ways you can contribute to the Enatega project:

  1. Create Issues: Identify areas for improvement or functionalities that could be added to the app. Raise these as issues on the GitHub repository.
  2. Creating Pull Requests (PRs) for Issues:
  • Fork the Repo: Create your own copy of the Enatega codebase on GitHub.
  • Create a Local Branch: Make your changes on a new branch within your forked repository.
  • Claim an Issue: If you're interested in working on a specific issue, communicate your intent in the issue's comment section. The Enatega team assigns "good first issues" labels to some issues, indicating they're suitable for beginners.
  • Make Code Changes: Address the issue or implement the desired feature in your local branch.
  • Submit a Pull Request: Once satisfied with your changes, submit a pull request on GitHub. This proposes your modifications to be merged into the main Enatega codebase.
  • Code Review: The Enatega development team will review your pull request and provide feedback.
  • Merge and Recognition: After successful review and integration of your code, you'll be acknowledged as a contributor to the Enatega project, and your name will be added to the contributor list.

We appreciate your time in reading this blog post! We at Enatega look forward to your contributions in building the future of food delivery apps together.

Join the Enatega Community

For any questions or discussions, feel free to join the Enatega community on Discord: Enatega Discord Server:

Enatega Website:

Ninjas Code Website:

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