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Discussion on: Top Mistakes That Back End Developers Make

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Adam Parkin

I think absolute statements are often incorrect. I agree with this comment in principle (if you're not confident in your deployment process then that's a smell that should be addressed), but to say "you should feel comfortable deploying at any time" is a goal to strive towards that not everyone is in a position to do.

For example: say you have a very large complex legacy application. Currently deployments of that system are risky. Sure you should absolutely strive to address that, but that process doesn't happen overnight, so in the interim a policy of "no deploys the day before the weekend" is a pretty reasonable compromise until your CI/CD pipeline (if that's even possible for your business) is sophisticated/robust enough to ensure that breakages are infrequent on releases.

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John Au-Yeung Author

Having an automatic pipeline for deploy and rollbacks definitely reduce the risk a lot.

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I agree with you on all points! I know that my absolute statement ("always deploy") is something only a few companies can successfully pull off, but I wanted to counter the "never deploy on Fridays". Because what happens, if it takes more than 1 day to resolve an incident following a deployment? Don't deploy on Thursdays and Fridays! And the list goes on and on until there is a release day once a month/quarter when the stars align perfectly :D