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The first step of hacking and tools to help you

pypdeveloper profile image pypdeveloper ・1 min read

The first part of any type of hacking no matter what it is. Is gather information.

Gathering information

You need to know about the machine or person you are hacking. There is a lot of tools out there that will help. Even just a simple google search will reveal a lot about your target. For example, I am wanting to hack this person named Bob, well I would first like to understand him a little better and maybe what devices he uses. So I can look at his twitter page where he might talk about what phone is using. The more you know the better it is.

What tools can you use

  • Sherlock - Sherlock is an open-source project where you enter a username and it will search multiple websites for that username.
  • Google hacking database(GHDB) - GHDB is a list of google searches where you can find leaked information on your target.

Please leave your favorite information gather tools in the description.

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