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How to get started with quantum computing

Quantum computing is super amazing and it's amazing to code quantum computers, but it can be hard to get started. So I will help you how to get started with coding quantum computers.

What is a quantum computer?

A quantum computer is a new type of computing that works off of atoms and uses the rules of quantum mechanics. Now don't get intimidated, you don't need to understand quantum mechanics to program and quantum computers. And for help, you can go to the slack group.

What makes a quantum computer different?

Most if not everybody using a computer, know's that their device works with 1's and 0's, these are called bits. Whereas a quantum computer works with quantum bits or qubits. Like a normal computer, qubits can be in a state of 1 or 0 or 1 and 0 at the same time. This makes computing a whole lot faster.

What is the use of a quantum computer?

Quantum Supremacy, is when a quantum computer archives a task, that the most powerful supercomputer can't achieve. Google had claimed quantum supremacy, but of course, IBM was like well our computers could run finish your test's in 30 days, whereas google said it would take the world's fastest supercomputer 10,000 years. One very big use case quantum computers are ML as a much more powerful computer it allows people to do more complex ML.

How to get started with Quantum Computing?

There are many ways to get started some of the most promising would be cirq by google and qiskit by IBM both of which run with python. I personally use IBM as their website is more user friendly uses Jupiter notebook and if you want to you can use there drag and drop feature to make a circuit, which needs no coding. Although going to google's quantum computing website can be somewhat use full.

How to code a quantum computer?

Coding a quantum computer is not something like coding a normal computer you need to apply gates and make a circuit that will return an output. There is one algorithm that guesses the number in a variable without looking at the variable in one go.


Down side to a Quantum computer?

With good comes bad, with the sheer power of quantum computing comes with dows side's, the biggest one being that hackers can guess your password in a go and that will change the whole cryptography standards. And quantum computer's are not that very reliable they can output different things at 50 50.


Quantum computers are super powerful, and everyone should start learning how to code them if not master them but just touch on them. But they will not replace your current computer.

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