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Good developer podcasts

12 year old self-taught developer.
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Here are some my favourite podcasts for developers.

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScirpt jabber is a podcast that talks about different topics mostly connected to javasciprt but you don't need to know javascript to understand. Now saying that there are some episodes that are dedicated for JavaScript developers.


CodeNewbie is a podcast that talks about how developer came to be and their journey.

Developer Tea

Developer Tea talks about a variety of developer topics. More like JavaScript Jabber. They also talk how to be a better programmer.

The Real Python Podcast

This talks about python coding tips and interviews, and lot's of other topics related to python this is the JavaScript Jabber for python.

Discussion (7)

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Waylon Walker

I just started listening to realpython, They are crushing it!

Here are a few of my favorites (not already listed above)

play pause Talk Python
play pause The Changelog
play pause React Podcast
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Larizza Tueros

I really like syntax, the changelog and talk python seems interesting I'll save them

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pypdeveloper Author

Thank you I have heard them but I have not gotten into them but thanks for the recommendation.

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Lambdacast is great if you are looking to learn functional programming. It's aimed towards FP beginners.

Lispcast by Eric Normand is also about functional programming, but most of the episodes require some previous understanding of FP.

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Larizza Tueros

I love code newbie

My favorites are:

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erica (she/her)

Friday Night Deploys by DevPlebs! Great for after work listening since it's light and funny, while still being developer-focused.

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Adam Shockley

Full Stack Panic is a pretty solid.