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CyberSecurity in times of coronavirus

It´s no secret to anyone that the covid modified our reality to the point that people who were previously "threatened" by technology today use it as a way of life, a clear example of this are doctors and health personnel in general, people whose technological interest was small but for reasons that we all know, life taught them that technology is more an ally than an enemy, of course it is well managed.

However, this unique smell since the birth of the Internet of noobs has brought with it a massive amount of failures that we formerly considered unimportant but that is the reason for the massive migration of people to the Internet, we have discovered that they do enjoy an importance and not exactly minor.

Hackers generally spent our days solving relatively fictitious problems in blogs and more communication networks to satisfy a little our hunger and thirst for new real challenges, however since the beginning of the pandemic we have seen an increase in cases of virtual scam o Physhing quite worrying things like "The nitro discord scam" or as I like to call it the scam of the young easy gamers is a scam that basically seeks the massive obtaining of privileged data in a free and "safe" way by a not so well known means , like these there is a huge list of physhing cases reported only in December 2021 but hey I'll leave that for another post

without further ado I say goodbye and as I always say good luck have fun

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