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PyCon India 2020 tickets are live! Grab those limited Early Bird tickets!

PyCon India
PyCon India is the largest gathering of Pythonistas in India for the Python programming language. The 12th edition of PyCon India will be taking place online from 2nd October to 5th October 2020.
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PyCon India is a grass-roots, volunteer-driven conference. What that means is every year for the past 12 years Python communities across the nation have come together to help plan, organize, manage, and run the conference. It's the country's largest premier conference for the Python programming language unparalleled in the opportunities, knowledge, and networking potential it fosters.

With over 250+ proposals coming in globally, this year PyCon India 2020 is set to be the biggest one yet. The conference will be having a packed schedule of workshops, keynotes, talks, and dev-sprints strung together through 3 parallel tracks. Any person who has a conference ticket is eligible to attend the Devsprints. Although the Developer Sprints are free, we would be having registrations beforehand to manage the logistics.

We have started with the ticket sales of our mega event and the details for the same are available on PyCon India official website. To make the event inclusive and accessible to all, we have kept the ticket prices to a bare minimum, namely.

Rush to grab your early bird tickets now from Townscript!

Types of Tickets

Early Bird

An Early bird ticket reserves your seat for 2 days of the conference, with the pricing of INR 149 (GST excluded), the sale of early bird tickets ends in 5 days after their release or when the sale of tickets has been completed, whichever comes earlier.


A regular ticket reserves your seat for 2 days of the conference, with the pricing of INR 199 (GST excluded), the sale of regular tickets begins after the sale of early bird tickets ends till the sale of tickets have been completed.

Late Bird

A late bird ticket reserves your seat for 2 days of the conference, with the pricing of INR 499 (GST excluded), the sale of the late bird begins after the sale of regular tickets ends till the ticket sales for the conference close. These are unlimited in number.


A Contributor ticket is for anyone to purchase who would like to support the conference in the years to come. The contributor ticket reserves your seat for 2 days of the conference, with the pricing of INR 1499 (GST excluded), the sale of these tickets start right from day 1 and are unlimited in number.


Workshop tickets are released and sold separately, we will update this column and the website as we release more information regarding the same.


Devsprints at PyCon India are free and open to everyone. You don't need any ticket for participating in the dev sprints. Although we do need folks to register before the event happens to take care of the logistics. We will be using Zulip for collaboration and will update this section once we have a concrete process in place.

For more updates regarding tickets, please check back this blog, our official twitter account @pyconindia, or our mailing list! For any queries, we are happy to help out on Zulip.

Looking forward to seeing you folks at the conference!!

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