Show us your octocat alter ego

Andreas Tiefenthaler on October 18, 2018

GitHub released an octocat builder. I was waiting for this for many years and I am super excited. I am curious how would look like if we... [Read Full]
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Shi Ling octocat

Can't find black hair, and black glasses, but looks about right. :) Can't start a day without coffee either.

(And I feel a sense of accomplishment managing to add this image and comment in markdown on my phone \o/)


Greetings, Earthlings.

I come from planet of water, Meowearth 🌍.
Our species has evolved & can't breathe underwater.

I offer you our treasure, Orichalcum, as a sign of friendship.



This is amazing. I just want to make it into a sticker now!

Octocat Ali


IKR, just what I was thinking. Got to make these into Telegram stickers too.


It could be more accurate, but I like it. Sadly, I couldn't find the "oversized jumper" option or the "balding dude" option.

jsrn's octocat


I think you forgot to add the picture?!
Didn't load earlier


Yeah, I didn't realise that I had to copy the uploaded image URL and add it to the markdown. I assumed it'd just tack on to the end. Whoops!

Thanks for the heads up. :)


Except for the T-Shirt this is a pretty reasonable depiction of how I look a fair amount of the time (though I tend to exchange the coffee for a beer as it gets later in the day).



Here's mine! It's not a fancy one, I just work from home.



There weren't enough customisations available to make it match better but got close enough (I got a much shorter beard haha).

octocat Glennmen


Very much could be customized more, but from the available options, this seems very close

Blue Version


I call it the "Jewish Octocat" and it mainly reflects me as I always have an iced coffee nearby
Jewish Octocat


Well... I wear black glasses and I don't usually wear grey, but they didn't have anything else, colour-wise. :D



I couldn't find a way to place the github logo behind the laptop...


Here's me. Though I generally avoid holding squirrels.


my octocat

Could not have been more stoked for the Viking cap!!! Many moons ago, I attempted to start a record label (The Littlest Viking) and the Viking cap was my main logo. <3


Bearded bunnyflop
I have no mustache in real life but the beard is nice :).
I can't live a day without coffee.
The bunny slippers where too funny not to put the feet :p


I guess that's pretty much how I look like arriving at work everyday πŸ˜†


This makes me realize that I default pretty androgynous

Jeans, hoodie, sandals, smartwatch, videogames/phone, new bifocals, short hair


PS: I'm actually more like the next one, I just did this for fun 😊


Somehow the squirrel felt right!
Suspect that's because it's been a long day.



I just found this site yesterday. It is super fun. I really like the results of selecting the random button. Super fun. Here's mine I made:
dave as an octocat with wizard hat, hoodie, and a cup of coffee


This is my octocat alter ego. Black hair (I liked the blue color), little eyes, indie wear and my cup of coffee.

EricaSugui octocat


My octocat! I couldn't decide whether to go with the jester hat or not, so I left it out :D

My octocat


Just went through the process of designing mine, and I think it looks a little like my robot avatar:

dotNetCoreBlog's Octocat


Never mind! I'm a doofus...Haha. I see it at the bottom. πŸ€ͺ


Why do you think it's not in the main thread? Or maybe I am just not used to yet.


So great! All that's missing is a stroller and baby octocat.

my Octocat


Coffee and a bit of wizardry, that's how i'm working !
Skeudwenn octocat


I'm late to the party! I blame the identity crisis I'm experiencing while separating from the military!



I like the coffee and the accurate representation of my hair situation :P



I like to read a lot and I'm usually wearing noise-canceling headphones when on the computer so I thought this was the best look for me.

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