Please don't be an Application Blackhole

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A blackhole
Note: This is what blackholes should look like

What is an Application Black hole?

An Application Blackhole is a place where applicants send their applications never to receive any notifications/rejections. Job openings, scholarships, grants, call for papers, etc. are a few examples which can turn into an Application Blackhole.

Why you should not be an Application Blackhole?

It is sad not to receive any rejections/notification when you apply for something and your application is swallowed by a black hole. You put so much effort into applying for something and you do not even get a rejection letter.

I understand that usually organizers/recruiters already have a lot of other work to do when they open applications for something. But the least you can do is at least send a common rejection email to all the candidates who are being rejected. It does not have to be personalized, a generic mail will do.

In the case of jobs applications, this makes it easier for us to keep track of things. We can make better decisions while applying to jobs and save everybody's time.

What's the best thing one can do?

These things are not necessary but if you want to help you can:

  • Send a notification email saying you received the application.
  • Mention a date by which you will notify the application status. It does not have to be accurate, something like by the end of next month will do.
  • Try to follow the deadline you set and send rejections/notifications by that date.

What is the least one should do?

Send rejection emails, they don't have to personal, at least notify the candidate and don't be an Application Blackhole.

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